Privacy at Sweat Arcade


At Sweat Arcade, we care about your privacy and don't store data about you in any way. We even went so far as to design the website so it doesn't even use cookies. There is no account needed to play (just need to have the app).

Your phone processes the images of you in real-time and just sends data like "right knee up", "left knee up", "arms over head". We do not store this data at all; it is passed to the game for processing and then it is gone. Your scores are kept on your phone and only used to motivate you. They aren't stored by us or analyzed in any way. We don't log your IP address. This data does flow over the internet using https, but a malicious middle actor (like your ISP) could track this data. We do not store or have access to your data on our servers. It is only stored on your phone and then used to empower your experience.

Since we don't track you at all (we don't even have website analytics), we'd love for you to send us feedback on what is working and what isn't.

All of this could change in the future, but we don't intend to change it. If we make a change, it will be posted on this privacy page.